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Pumpkins for Halloween June 10, 2010

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It is getting to be almost time to plant pumpkins, for harvest around Halloween.  The rule of thumb is plant pumpkins July 4, for Halloween Harvest.  I will prepare a 4×4 area in my raised garden to be the pumpkin patch.  I need to pull out the rest of the strawberries, add lots of compost, turn the soil and loosen it, then let it rest for a couple weeks.  I got these pumpkin seeds at Zinger Hardware, from Botanical Interests.  I’m also on the lookout for some small sugar pumpkin seeds to plant as well.  Pumpkins resemble squash, the plants and flowers, and grow the same way, in vines.  They are fairly easy to control so the don’t take over the whole garden.

Pumpkin seeds


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