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Lemon Cucumbers but no Corn June 9, 2010

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The Lemon Cucumbers may be my new favorite garden food, at least for the moment.  But, I’ve only had two.  The plants have been looking wilty in the heat and have required much watering, but still few flowers or new cukes had appeared.  Then it rained well over an inch.  And all of a sudden, the plants are covered with flowers and new cucumbers galore.  I’m hoping it rains again tonight, but this time perhaps without the rumbling and thundering, and generally keeping me awake.  I have enough trouble sleeping since my friends declared my house haunted by a ghost!

Lemon Cucumber hopefuls

Future pickles?

Some of the corn seems to be doing what corn should do.  I love seeing it out my bedroom window.  It is very tall, has made tassels, but no corn as of yet.  We’ll see.

Corn making tassels

Replacing the Nandina was the best thing I’ve ever done, corn or no corn.


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