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No Grocery Store, Days 154 and 155 June 7, 2010

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Friday is normally eat out with my family day.  So for Day 154, mom and I had lunch at Polvo’s and we had dinner at Roaring Fork Stonelake.  Lunch for me was beef fajitas, and for dinner I had Artic Char.

Saturday was a good Farmer’s Market day.  I had lots of shopping to do, and got some great stuff, I had not had before.  I had a bison taco for brunch, from Taco Deli at the market.  Dinner was another bison extravaganza with friends.  For starters, Kocurek Blue Crab Rillettes on Texas French Bread.

Crab Rillettes

I made a mushroom sautee for the topper on the Bison steaks.  The mushrooms were from the farmer’s market.  The shallots and parsley were  from my garden.  Butter, from Way Back When Diary at the downtown market.


I decided to try to teach myself to like beets, so I roasted them whole, then we peeled them, sliced them and cooked them on the grill, then tossed them with CKC Midnight Chevre.  Still, not a fan.

Christian brought over his house made ceasar salad, which was awesome.

Ceasar Salad

We did the bison the same way as last week, and made pasta from the farmer’s market with my homemade pesto.  We all decided that we preferred last week’s meal to this one, although it was great.

bison dinner

All in all, a great dinner and lots of fun was had by all.


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