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Austin Food Journal Serious Pizza Class (& day 156 NGSC) June 7, 2010

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Sunday was day 156.  I had a pretty lazy weekend as a whole, which is totally unlike me.  The heat perhaps, and lots of personal crap to deal with of late might be weighing me down.  Anyhoo, for brunch, I made Kocurek Czech Bacon, with Vital Farms scrambled eggs, with garden tomatoes and peppers.

I was signed on for Austin Food Journal’s Serious Pizza Class in the afternoon, so I knew good food was on going to happen.

About the class, Christian, and Austin Food Journal.  Christian is a serious foodie.  He is also a Virgo, like me.  We tend to be picky, timely, and perfectionists.  This pizza that Christian has taken 3 years to perfect, is the perfect example of a Virgo in action.  He deconstructed the crust down to the science, and literally spent 3 years making it perfect.  It is beyond perfect.

Three Day Dough

If you take this class, you will learn about 1 hour dough versus 3 day dough and the differences are notable, both in flavor and texture.  While both are amazing, the 3 day dough is beyond outstanding.  The bottom and sides are crusty, crunchy, bubbly, and the rest is tender, tasty and has the perfect amount of chew.  And Christian will show you the science of it, the gluten development, etc.  If you are happy with any of the delivery pizzas that are available, and frequently request extra cheese, then this pizza is not for you,  just call 459-2222.

This pizza is a flavor and texture bomb.  Fresh ingredients, fresh spices from the Bowers’ garden, dried garden oregano, fried garden sage.  Over the top.  This class is a must, for anyone who is interested in making really the best pizza I’ve ever had.

So,  for lunch:

Serious Pizza

AFJ Pizza Class

There is much to be learned, from Christian’s 3 years of dough testing.   The thoughtful balance of sauce and toppings is quite memorable.  I’m hoping he will initiate a pasta making class next, because I’ll be the first to sign up.  Do it!

And for dinner, leftover pasta from the night before.


3 Responses to “Austin Food Journal Serious Pizza Class (& day 156 NGSC)”

  1. Aaron Says:

    That looks amazing! Definitely need to take him up on a class – especially with my love of making (and eating) pizza. We have it / make it almost every Saturday.


  2. Hey Aaron!
    Yep, he has really worked it out and has it all down. Great class, I learned a lot about gluten development and saw it in action. The long term dough was alive!

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