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No Grocery Store, Day 152 June 2, 2010

Easy breezy day, after such a hard day yesterday, and really hard Spring in general.  I had no plans after noon, so I decided to head over to Michael Vilim’s new reasturant StrEAT on Red River.  I’ve been a Michael Vilim fan for years, since I took his Wine 101 class at the old Castle Hill.  I go to Mirabelle fairly often and enjoy their wine dinners.  Michael is great with food and wine, period.  So, I first had a taste of StrEAT at Tour de Vin, last October.  I’ve been waiting, impatiently for this new venture to open, and today it did.

So, I met my friend Jennie there for lunch.  The menu, is street food from around the world.  I had the Indian Curry Rice Bowl with Chicken – outstanding, and very comforting, and 2 crispy Spring Rolls.  There were many other things on the menu that I would like to have ordered, but one can only order so much in one sitting.

As an unrelated aside, we then stopped off at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop where I picked up some wine and Pure Luck St. Maure.  And a “Life is Gouda” shirt.  Now I’m as goofy as John and Kendall, and I couldn’t be happier for it.  Goofballs.

Then, on to my Farmer’s Market hoarding for the afternoon.  I went to get Thunderheart Bison, and got enticed by everything Lee Ann Kocurek described to her potential customers.  Curry Shrimp Boudin Blanc Sasuage.  Mine.  Rabbit pies.  Mine.  Salmon Gravlax, mine.   Something else, I’m sure.  Freezer is overstuft again, right when there was a little room opening up.   If there is a natural disaster, come here, I can feed you all, and all of your friends and family for at least 2 weeks.  Bring wine though, cuz I run out.:)

Dinner was a birthday party at Wink for a long time friend, 23 years to be exact.  That freaks me out that I’m old enough to have maintained friends for 23 years.  But, its true and I am that old.  Happy Birthday J.  I had Thunderheart Bison steak, with parsnip puree and a Lolla Rossa salad.  I know it was all local, and commend whatever farm is growing tender Lolla Rossa in this heat.  Cudos, it was delicious.  It is nice to look at the local vendor list at the bottom of the Wink menu, and recognize almost all of the farmers and know them on a first hand basis.   So cool.   And, as a wonderful treat for the Birthday Girl, they printed out special menus for our table, with “Happy Birthday Jane Ann” on our menus and the Chef signed hers and presented it to her in an envelope to take as a keepsake of the night.  Pure class and I’m officially impressed.


4 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 152”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Thanks for the support Carla… and just for the record: We’re proud of being goofy for each other and goofy for cheese.

  2. And now I’m goofy with yall! I just need the cheese hat. Life is Gouda. I’ll be back for more parmesan tomorrow at some point.

  3. rachelabc28 Says:

    Wink did that for me, too, for my birthday! Very nice touch, indeed!

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