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No Grocery Store, Days 149 and 150 and Garden Terrorists June 1, 2010

Day 149, Sunday, I got up to to photograph the largest and most beautiful tomatoes I’d ever grown, to post on this blog.  They were fine the night before, protected from squirrels, still green, and huge in a cluster of 3.  Once outside, I discovered to my horror, that all three had a bite out of them.  They are high on the vine too, about shoulder height.  At first I feared birds, but there are  teeth marks.  Maybe a possum or racoon, or perhaps the squirrels outwitted me and are using my barrier as a climbing fence.  So far this tomato season hasn’t turned out as I’d hoped.

So, too distraught for breakfast, I had coffee.  I was invited for a cookout at the Kocureks, so late afternoon lunch was Morroccon spiced burgers, and tater tots.  Even chefs eat tater tots.  There was also a lovely fruit pastry, but everyone was too full to even contemplate it.  It was my parents wedding anniversary, so we went to Jeffrey’s for dinner.  I had flounder, the lightest thing on the menu, because I wasn’t very hungry.

Day 150, another disappointing garden day, I headed out first thing to pick peppers – serranos and jalapenos, and picked a bowl full.  I found more tomatoes with blossom end rot, and found the huge, oblong and beautifully striped Speckled Roman tomato, just gone.  Squirrel barrier breached, and perhaps the most interesting tomato I’ve ever produced, gone for good.

So, I headed over to spend the day with Christian and Jamie, with plans to clear out my freezer of some of the hoarded Kocurek and Dai Due goods.  I took Boudin Blanc from Dai Due, and some unmarked sausage from the Kocurek’s.  Christian made carmelized onions, chopped homemade pickles, and sauteed some peppers and squash, and we made really tasty sandwiches from it all.

Sandwich fixins

We had a relaxing day, that we finished at Trudy’s with another sandwich.  They have an amazing mister on their deck, and sitting outside was cool and comfortable.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Days 149 and 150 and Garden Terrorists”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    I wonder if perhaps so far (knock on wood) I haven’t had large-critter issues because there are SO MANY DAMN CATS (mine included) lurking about the yard. Not great for the songbirds and assorted anoles, but probably keeps the rodentia and non-feline mammalia on their toes.

  2. You lucky, I feel like my garden is under constant attack. I’ve never had so many problems before. There is a neighbor cat that hangs out on my patio, but that’s about it. I’ve got a Mockingbird that lives here if you’d like to borrow it. He is persistent in going through his range of songs, starting really early in the morning, usually in the same order. I wonder where he ever heard a Whipperwill?

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