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Chocolate Cherry Tomato, Saves the Day June 1, 2010

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This has been a tough season for tomatoes in my gardens.  First the tomato stealing squirrels, then the leaf footed bugs, then either birds or some other manner of garden beast, and the continuing problems with blossom end rot, have plagued me for the last two months.  I have tossed away at least 18 damaged tomatoes, some the biggest I’ve ever (not successfully) grown.  However, there is one bright spot in this garden tale, and I don’t totally understand it.  Enter, the Chocolate Cherry Tomato.

Chocolate Cherry Tomato

These delightful little tomatoes are low on acid, and very prolific producers in the garden.  The odd thing is, none of my other pests have even tried to bother the Chocolate Cherries.

Chocolate Cherries

Even those that are almost touching the ground, remain unmolested.

Almost touching ground

Fortunately for me, these are one of my favorite tomatoes, and I planted a lot of them this season, so I might not be tomato starved after all, despite my other pesky problems.

Cherry tomato army

If you haven’t tried this variety, try to get some for the Fall gardening season.  They do very well in the heat, seem to be bullet proof, and will provide you lots of very tasty tomatoes all season.


12 Responses to “Chocolate Cherry Tomato, Saves the Day”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Oh, those sound great. Where did you get them? Seed? Transplants?

    You might try these porters, too… specifically designed to be drought-tolerant and pest resistant for Texas. And they don’t get bright red, so might throw off birds, which are specifically tuned to see red in flowers and other items. Which might explain why the birds leave your choc. cherries alone, too.

  2. I’ve started them from seed before, but this year I was too busy to do seeds, so I had my friend JJ, who owns Shady Hollow Farms start them for me, so I did transplants. (He’s already started his fall seeds, so there should be lots available for Fall.) I’ve not tried the Porter, and I appreciate the not bright red thing, but I normally pick tomatoes, other than the cherries, when they are about half ripe, to avoid the bird issue. Is the Porter tasty? I should try it. I’m not sure what is going on this year, but my back yard seems to have grown into Animal Kingdom. Perhaps the availability of good food back there, I’m not sure. If it weren’t for the Celebrities and Chocolate Cherries, I’d be a really sad gal. But, I’m resolved to solving these problems going forward. Thanks Marc, as always for your input, I appreciate the support!

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  4. Optimista Says:

    Love that little chocolate cherry army! What a beautifully delectable still life!

  5. Amy Waters Says:

    plant some marigolds, that’ll help with some of the bugs

  6. Karen Butler Says:

    We are growing them this year for the first time from small plants purchased at a nursery. We live in Medford, OR and today it is over 100 degrees. Looking forward to eating these little guys but having fun watching them grow. The plants are about 3 feet high and covered with tomatos. Yum Yum.

  7. John Hunt Says:

    Chocolate Cherry Tomato Always does well for me usually ends up out producing all others. I love them they are an excellent tomato.

  8. Lynda in Denton/Dallas Says:

    Got some chocolate cherries as transplants. Repotted. Hardened them and fixin to put in garden tomorrow. They are about 4 inches tall and started to bud! Can hardly wait to see their rIpe color.

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