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No Grocery Store, Day 148 – Best Dinner Ever May 30, 2010

Yesterday was a busy day.  I skipped breakfast and went to the farmer’s market early.  The goal was to pick out a variety of local goodies, to prepare a dinner with my friends Christian and Jamie. (,  The only planned portion of the meal was Thunderheart Bison filets, which I already had.  I wanted for us to construct a totally local menu, from farmer’s market produce.

I took mom to lunch at Guero’s, because, Ranch 616 wasn’t open, and I had fish tacos.  Hate on Guero’s all you want, but they are consistent, and mom likes their food.

So, for dinner, I fired up the Big Green Egg.  I had already started preparing a recipe I saw Ina Garten make, with her local farm product.  It is basically a panzanella, but baked with parmesan.  Chopped heirloom tomatoes, garden basil, garlic, olive oil, toasted bread (Texas French Bread baguette) and Brazos Valley parm.

Preparing the tomato dish

Completed tomato dish

We decided on simply fried potatoes, fingerlings and red new potatoes.  Potatoes

We put the Bison steaks on the Egg, and began the battle of temperature control, which I have yet to master.

Bison on the Big Green Egg

Christian came up with a reduced cream with Pure Luck Hopelessly Blue and got started on that.  The cream was from Way Back When, dairy.  I had purchased baby arugula at the farmer’s market, and for the topper to the meal, Christian tossed the arugula with Terra Verde Olive Oil and his own preserved Meyer lemons, which I had in my fridge.  (I already had the Pure Luck and Brazos Valley cheeses from Antonelli’s Cheese.)

The final product, turned out to be one the most enjoyable meals I’ve ever had.  And every thing in it, was local.

All Local Dinner

What a fun night, and I got to practice taking pictures on my new camera, with help from an amazing photographer.  These are the first images taken with my new Canon Rebel.  I”m still learning and still using total Auto everything.

Cooking, eating, and taking pictures with amazing friends.  What could be better.

Update:  Christian’s pictures are 9000 times better than mine.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 148 – Best Dinner Ever”

  1. thecosmiccowgirl Says:

    yea! looks delicious and i heart my canon rebel. you’ll love yours, too!

  2. I already love it and am looking forward to learning how to take pictures without the total auto button!

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