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No Grocery Store, Day 145 May 27, 2010

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For breakfast I had farmer’s market peaches, my blackberries, and my friend Jamie’s homemade yogurt.  I’m not a breakfast person, except on the weekends, and then more, brunch, but I’m trying to be better.  I find, however, that if I have fruit for breakfast, I’m hungrier for lunch.  So, for lunch, I had a handful of Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes from my garden, and some homemade mozzarella, with basil and drizzled with Texas Olive oil.  Caprese salad, I guess, just not layered.

I went to the Triangle and was happy to find Lee manning the Kocurek’s booth, so I made myself at home and hung out.  It was hot.  Johnson’s Backyard Garden had tons of heirloom tomatoes, and despite being only days away from a bumper crop at home, I got some.  I also got a chicken and pork ribs from Richardson Farms, for the smoker soon, and more Hibiscus Mint Tea.  I’ll be drinking tons of tea this hot summer.

I had defrosted a rib eye from Richardson Farms for dinner.  By the time I got home, around 6:30, I was hot and out of the mood to fire up the Big Green Egg.  It takes a while to be ready for grilling, and I was no longer in the mood.  This is one of the frustrating things about the No Grocery Store Challenge.  I had planned food for dinner, that I no longer wanted to prepare.  Normally, I’d run to the store to pick up something else.  I wished I’d just picked up a bison taco at the farmer’s market, and actually pondered running up to P. Terry’s.  But, instead, I pulled out some frozen pasta from the pasta company at the downtown market, pulled my pesto out of the freezer, cut up some garden tomatoes, and made a meal of that.

This happens fairly often, I don’t want what sounded good last night when I took it out of the freezer.  I need to come up with some homemade tv dinner type meals to freeze, so I can have those on hand when I don’t feel like cooking what I have.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 145”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Yes, but that pesto. That pesto! I have been dreaming of it ever since that perfect bite at C&J’s last Sunday.

  2. Did you see AFJ’s photo of the perfect bite? Amazing. I’ll make you some pesto as soon as the basil fills out again.

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