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Almost Summer in an Urban Garden May 27, 2010

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It feels like summer, already – the only time I enjoy being out, is in the morning and late evening.  The garden is very productive and I’m excited about the good things to come.  The strawberries are about done, and I’ve decided to pull them up, as I usually do.  I thought about getting another season out of them, but then I’d just be watering them for another 8 months before they produce again, when I could be growing something else that will produce before time to plant strawberries again.  I’ve pulled up all the onions and garlic, which all did fine.  I’ve decided not to plant purple onions again, because so many bolted.  I did manage to grow the biggest onion I’ve ever grown.  It really looks much larger in person. 🙂

Personal Best Onion

The corn seems to be doing what corn should do, and the larger stalks are sending up shoots, whatever they are called.  If I actually get corn, I’ll be a happy girl.

Aside from the pestilence, detailed in my earlier post the tomatoes are looking good, however I believe the two tomato plants in my Earthbox have become one, so it looks like 2 kinds of tomatoes growing on one plant.

tomato confusion

I’ve been eating Chocolate Cherry tomatoes all week, and they are wonderful.

The peppers are taking the production lead and there will be plenty to eat, make salsa, pickle, and share.



Ancho Pepper

I’m still waiting for more lemon cucumbers, those were so good.  The eggplants aren’t looking good, having been choked out by the cucumbers and the watermelon looks a bit sad as well, but I just planted it last week.  I don’t think the black bean experiment is working, so that is a lesson learned.  The potato grow bag experiment may be a lesson learned as well, but in the grow bag’s defense, I didn’t mound the plants like I was supposed to, because I got too busy.  I’m giving them a couple more weeks.


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