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No Grocery Store, Day 141 May 22, 2010

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Writing this blog has made me realize how much I eat out.  I’ve said that before, but I’d really like to be eating more and home and doing more cooking.  Today was the first fairly unscheduled day I had, and still, I didn’t do the food as well as I should have.  I was expecting hot food from Dai Due at the Farmer’s Market this morning.  I didn’t read the email.  So I got there early, around 9:10, shopped until I could barely handle the load of my purchases, and got home with nothing I’d planned to eat.  So, I sauteed some of the Redfish I got from San Miguel Seafood, at the market in Way Back When butter, olive oil and my garden thyme, and had that with a salad.

I was invited to dear friends’ wedding celebration, they were married a month ago and tonight was the party, at a ranch in Florence, Texas.  The drive took about an hour.  Once there, the relaxing scenery, started filling up with their friends, several of whom we share.  I sat back, watched the people flowing in and the well wishes, and just enjoyed being outside on a comfortable Texas evening.  Then, genius happened!  A chef came out of the small house on the property with the appetizer tray for the evening.  Frito pie, in the bag, with the most amazing chili ever.  Seriously good.   I grew up with horses, and traveling the horse show circuit, and there were two staples in the food chain.  Frito pie, and the six pack of white donuts.  I will never eat the donuts again, but I never, ever will turn down a good frito pie, especially if there is a spork with it.    The actual dinner was catered by Tacodeli.  The bride and groom both have connections with Tacodeli and the food was awesome.   I’ve been to numerous events catered by Tacodeli, and have had them cater a couple of mine and they do a seriously good job.

So for dinner, frito pie, a Cochinita Pibil taco, another taco that was beef that I added guacamole and the crack dona sauce too, chips, queso, champagne, and some black beans.  My garden black beans are looking a bit sad, so I’m not sure if they will make or not.  They are not numerous enough to have lots of beans, just an experiment.

Congratulations Jeff and Rachel, dear and long term friends.  I adore you both and wish you a lifetime of joy.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 141”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Oh such a nice right up on the evening…. Loved the chili myself! Thanks again for making it out and the kind words spoken from a true friend.

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