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Garden Pest of the Day – Squirrels May 20, 2010

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It never fails, the one tomato I’ve been watching for weeks, waiting until the perfect time to pluck it from its vines, and naturally, I go out to pick the lovingly grown,  mouth watering orb, to find it half eaten, and conspicuously placed next to the garden, as if to taunt me.

In years past, I’ve planted enough tomatoes for me and the squirrels to each get our share.  The low hanging tomatoes are theirs, the rest are mine.  But, it never really works out that way, they always take the one I really want.

So, before I allow myself to be defeated, once again, by a rodent, today I will solve the problem.  I’m going to buy a couple of rolls of polypropylene mesh, and cut a section for each tomato plant.  Since the plants are all caged, and the mesh comes in a roll, it should just curve itself around the tomato cages and provide adequate protection.  If not, I have zip ties.

I’m also pondering providing some food more appetizing to the squirrels, but I’m not sure what that would be, and I don’t want to attract other beasts to my yard.

And, to whomever took a bite out of my ripe blackberry, I’m coming after you next.


2 Responses to “Garden Pest of the Day – Squirrels”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Are you sure it is squirrels and not birds? Mockingbirds seem to love tomatos and have gotten most of mine for the past few years. And, they were pretty good at getting through the fencing I put up.

    • Good point, Dustin, I do have a mockingbird that seems to live here. Whatever it is, they take it away from the plant, take a bite or two out, and leave it. I’ll find out soon enough, whether my barrier works!

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