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No Grocery Store, Day 137 May 19, 2010

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The strawberries are certainly on their way out.  I think I could have extended their season a bit, with some better watering.  But the blackberries are coming on strong.  I had a couple more ripe this morning, but one had already been sampled by something, so just one for me this morning.

Breakfast, Farmer’s Market peaches, 2 and 1 blackberry.

Business lunch at the old Austin Club.  That place is a throwback to a different time.  I thought I’d ordered safely, a club sandwich without ham.  The cheese on it was American, probably a Kraft single.  Not real cheese of course, just cheese “product”.  Yuck.

For dinner, I baked the Richardson Farm’s pork chops with olive oil and garden thyme, and had one with Lowell Farm’s rice and a stir fry of squash from the farmer’s market, my onion and garlic.


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