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No Grocery Store, Day 136 May 18, 2010

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Yesterday did not go as I had planned, food wise.  I was hoping for blackberries for breakfast, but only one had ripened.  Two bushes are not enough.  So I had 1 blackberry and a peach from the farmer’s market.  For lunch, salad with Bella Verdi Farm’s lettuce, a small tomato from my garden, my garden onion, and Texas Olive Oil and Basalmic.  Dinner was supposed to be Richardson Farms pork chop, but they hadn’t thawed and I hate to thaw meat in the microwave.  So, I had leftover rabbit rillettes from the Kocureks, another salad and a scrambled egg.  Random meal, I know.

The news I reported yesterday, about pesticides found in grocery store produce causing ADHD in kids, has made the main stream media.  It was all over the news last night and this morning again.  It’s hard to believe that almost a third of grocery store strawberries were found to have contained this pesticide.  And, it is also in frozen fruits.  Yikes.


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