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No Grocery Store, Days 133, 134 and 135 May 16, 2010

I ate out on Friday.  Peach for breakfast, lunch was rotisserie taco from Julios, on my way to Antonelli’s Cheese Shop to pick up party supplies. for the Viola and Jean party.  I had dinner with my parents at Ruth’s Chris, a petite filet, oscar, which is with a crab cake and bernaise.

Day 134, party day, I had breakfast at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, an amazing ham and gouda sandwich from Dai Due, all local, of course.  I snacked all afternoon on the local cheese plate, farmer’s market strawberries, rabbit rillettes from the Kocureks.  Several guests stayed late, so as a snack we sliced up some of my garden tomatoes, salt, pepper, and topped them with CKC Marinated Feta.  Yum.  Still hungry, I pulled out some Texas Pasta Company pasta, chopped up a bunch of basil from one of my plants, with garlic, pecans from my tree a couple years ago, and grated Brazos Valley Parmesan.  Tossed it all together with some Texas Olive Ranch olive oil, and it was a perfect dinner.

I’ll to today, day 135, in advance because I know what I’ll be eating.  After my clients comes around noon, I’m going to make migas, with garden onions, garden tomatoes, garden serranos (just picked) Dai Due chorizo, and Vital Farms Eggs.  That will tide me over until dinner, at the famous Austin Food Journal Pizza Party.  Can’t wait!


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Days 133, 134 and 135”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Despite being weirdly tired to the point of incoherence, I had a GREAT time at your party yesterday! Everyone was so nice and the food was fantastic! And I just looove the goodies I bought. Thank you!

  2. Its still going on, come on back! No, just kidding. It did carry on into the night. I’m glad you came and glad you had fun. And so we begin again in just a few hours!

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