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Nice Day in the Garden May 16, 2010

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Today I had some free time, which was a rare treat lately.  I decided to tackle the giant tomato plants in the Earthbox, and see if I could trim them back to a reasonable and manageable size.  The weight of the huge plants covered with tomatoes in that small box wasn’t working and it was toppling over several times a day.  So, I gave them a haircut.  The haircut revealed even more tomatoes than I knew were there.  Tons of these cluster tomatoes and 4 yellow Brandywine’s.

cluster tomatoes

I fertilized all the gardens with Ladybug and put Dolomite around the tomatoes, in an effort to fend off any more blossom end rot.  It felt like rain, so I had hoped this would all get rained in, but so far just sprinkles.  I picked some serranos, which tasted a bit young and green, so I think I’ll let the others mature more before picking.  The cucumbers look like they are on cucumber crack, but no cukes yet, just lots of flowers.  More blackberries are getting close to ripe, just as the strawberries seem to have petered out.  I didn’t pull them up yet, but I probably will in another week or so.

Over the last few days, I noticed some non-food flowers blooming around the side of the house.


2 Responses to “Nice Day in the Garden”

  1. Optimista Says:

    What pretty flowers! I thought you were still using your broken camera? These photos look totally clear.

    So great to see you tonight!

    • Thanks, that’s from the side of the house. I put wildflower mixed seeds in the built in planter and they came back. Camera is still broken, I just have to look through the little view finder thing, old school. Its the screen on the back that allows you to see your image that is broken. Great to see you too! It was a really fun weekend with good friends.

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