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Hosting a Party with Locally Sourced Food May 15, 2010

My jewelry party for Viola and Jean is coming together.  I’m up too early to run to the farmer’s market, so here I sit at the computer.  Yesterday, John Antonelli, of Antonelli’s Cheese, very thoughtfully assembled my cheese plate using all local cheeses.  We will have CKC Marinated Feta, Veldhuizen Bosque Blue, Sand Creek Farm Gouda, and Brazos Valley Farms Brie, which I think I’ll top with the Blackberry Conserve I’m about to get from Dai Due.  I also got some Toscano Salami, made by Salt and Time, using Richardson Farm’s pork, there.  The Antonelli’s know how to make cheese buying enjoyable and and easy.  And they are wonderful people, to boot!

So, I’m off to pick up the Kocurek’s Pate de Maison, (I picked up the rabbit rillettes on Wednesday) some Texas French Bread, the Dai Due Blackberry Conserve, some Dr. Kracker, Texas Olive Ranch Olives, and whatever I’ll need to eat for the week.  Champagne is cold, Hibiscus Mint tea is made, so I think I’m just about ready.  I’m looking forward to spending the day with good friends, after working so hard for the last few months.

Update:  I got all of the above with the exception of Dr. Kracker, because he was not at any of the markets.  I got carrots, strawberries, Full Quiver jalapeno cheese spread, and a Full Quiver Cheese ball.  Also some interesting local bread from Sunset Valley Market.  I believe I’m good to go!  (And I believe the local cheese industry will be well represented.)


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