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Blackberries are Ripening May 14, 2010

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The strawberries have been amazing this Spring, and I have eaten bushels it seems.  They are still producing, but not at the rate they have been.  They are nearing their end of production.  However, the blackberries are starting to ripen.  I bought my first blackberry bush 2 years ago from the Austin Farmer’s Market downtown.  Then, I bought a second one last December from the Natural Gardener.  One is in a pot, the other in the ground in an unused corner.  They seem to do fine in bad soil, and with little care.  I’m looking forward to eating these beauties soon.



3 Responses to “Blackberries are Ripening”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Do blackberries need lots of sun?

  2. Hey Marc,
    Mine are both in full sun, but I don’t know the answer to that question for sure. They grow wild in odd places, but I’m not sure what their requirements are, other than they don’t require much care at all.

  3. Sandra Says:

    My strawberries have not been as productive as yours. However, I receive some now and then. I currently have them in four planters with three plants a piece in each planter. I think next year, I would like to plant more.

    Your blackberries are looking good. Mine have not shown much sign of life. However, I am enjoying some raspberries here and there.

    Happy Gardening from Sandra

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