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Day 130, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse May 12, 2010

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Another eat out day, today.   It was my business partner’s birthday, and I promised him lunch and fun things, and kept my afternoon free for such frivolities.  What could be better than hanging out with your best friend on a random Tuesday, doing fun stuff?  Lamberts for lunch, and I had half of the smoked chicken salad blt.  Seriously, a very tall sandwich, and the dentist still uses kid tools on me because of my small mouth.  I had to deconstruct, and was only able to eat half, but it was delish.   My friend had the ribeye, mac and cheese and the green salad and was happy with all of the above.  His dessert was the fried banana pie with homemade ice cream, and it was amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough food for the day, I was invited to a private event at Ruth’s Chris.  It was very enlightening.  I always believed this was a corporate chain restaurant, (I guess a franchise is a chain),  but it is locally owned and managed.  The had beef tenderloin, crab stuffed mushrooms, osso buco ravioli, and tuna.  Everything was crazy good and smelled of browned butter.  So good, I’m taking my parents back on Friday night for dinner.  The owner was very nice, and offered us all a tour of the kitchen.  I was surprised at the size of the kitchen for such a large restaurant, but it works.  All in all, a great food day and evening.  They cook those steaks in an 1800 degree oven, and they couldn’t have been more tender.  I’m happy to know this place is locally owned.


2 Responses to “Day 130, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Hmm… is Ruth’s Chris a franchise then? Because they have hundreds of locations. And started in New Orleans.

    But I do recall fondly one birthday dinner there. The filet made an impression that’s lasted 20 years already. 🙂

  2. It is a franchise, but it is owned by a local person, not corporately owned. And yes it did start in New Orleans. We got the whole history and it was pretty interesting. They do a mean filet!

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