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No Grocery Store, Days 128 and 129 May 11, 2010

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Day 128, Sunday was an eat out day.  For Mother’s Day, we took my mom to Green Pastures, to which she will continue to refer to as Green Acres.  I attempted to eat carb free, to mitigate the damage to come by my paella dinner at Vino Vino.  I did a favor for a friend, or attempted to, and in return, paella night.

Day 129, was an eat in day.  Garden strawberries for breakfast, for lunch I made a salad with Springfield Farms lettuce, my garden onions, my first garden tomatoes, Kocurek English bacon, a boiled Vital Farms egg (fresh eggs are nearly impossible to peel!).  At noon, I stuck some pork ribs in the smoker.  The pork was from the vendor at Truck Farm Farmer’s Market, 6J Ranch.  Super nice folks.  I didn’t sit down to a proper dinner, I just started grazing, one rib at a time until I was full.  So, just ribs.

I realized something, while eating my big salad for lunch.  I bought the last of Springfield’s lettuce, and my lettuce has been long gone for weeks.  It’s too hot for lettuce, so I might be done with salads at home for months.  Yikes, that isn’t a good thing.  I hope Bella Verdi Farms will continue to grow hydroponic lettuce through the summer, and that may be my saving grace.


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