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No Grocery Store, Days 126 and 127 May 9, 2010

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Friday was day 126 and I had strawberries again for breakfast.  Lunch was between jobs on the go, and I had a couple of Thunderheart Bison jerky’s.  Friday night is always dinner with my folks.  My dad had requested fried catfish which presented a challenge for me, trying to eat healthily.  There were the obvious choices of places, but I couldn’t bring myself to go to any of them.  So, we opted for Quality Seafood, and I had blackened snapper and broccoli.  I should have gotten it grilled instead, as it was a tad salty, but it was a reasonable solution and everyone got something that satisfied them.

Saturday was my plant and Earthbox sale.  I almost went for breakfast tacos early, but decided to wait.  I had gotten out several Kocurek sausages from the freezer the night  before to loan a friend on a pizza making mission.  He only took one, and so I put the other two in the smoker and got some Texas French Bread ciabatta out of the freezer.   So for lunch, we had sausage sandwiches with Full Quiver cheddar.  It was really good.  After a really long few months of physical labor, and a long day, I had scheduled massages for my mother and me.  (I’m still sore from it!)  Afterward, we went down the street to Ranch 616, one of my favorite places and for dinner I had the Jalapeno Maize Trout.  It was the perfect end to a long day.


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