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Cool Beans, Royal Burgundy May 7, 2010

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I’m a bit of a seed fanatic.  Buying seeds and trying new things makes me happy.  I’m installing a garden for some children today, and wanted to take them some interesting seeds, and of course I got some for myself too.  Yesterday, at Zinger Hardware, I found some cool beans that I’m going to plant this weekend, in one of the, now almost empty, onion beds.  They are Botanical Interests, Bush Beans, Royal Burgundy, a 55-60 day warm season crop.  From the front of the package “Heirloom.  Violet-purple pods magically turn an emerald green after cooking.  Grow in garden or containers.  Tender flavor and stringless.”  What could be better?  Purple beans that change color when you cook them.


2 Responses to “Cool Beans, Royal Burgundy”

  1. Sounds great! I’ve cooked those before but didn’t know that they turned green (sad me after spending about $5/lb for purple beans).

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