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Tomatoes Are Coming on Strong May 6, 2010

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My tomato plants are all big, green and lush, but I feared a meager crop this year (I realize it is early) because I hadn’t seen that many tomatoes.  I just hadn’t looked well enough as many seem to be hiding deep within their lush vines.  I discovered all manner of tomatoes emerging, many to remain mysterious until they ripen, since I can’t be bothered to mark them.  It’s a weakness.  I love how different they all are, each beautiful in its own right.

Striped Roman

No idea, but I love it's roundness

Large Red Cherries, probably

I love how these line up in a row, like little tomato band of brothers.

Trying to hide

Another Mystery

Then, someone always has to show off and be first.

Celebrities first to start ripening

I’m looking forward to the best tomato crop yet, I hope.   Squirrels, watch out!


4 Responses to “Tomatoes Are Coming on Strong”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Ooh, I hope my tomatoes will be encouraged by your tomatoes! That Roman is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what that looks like ripe.

    Though, I say that… I must have 60 tomatoes on the vine in various states.

    How DO you keep the squirrels away? Ive planted my cat outside, but she’s not all that useful with squirrels. She likes anoles better it seems.

    • Sounds like your tomatoes need no encouragement at all! I normally plant enough for the squirrels and me, but they don’t eat them, they just take a bite and leave them laying in front of the garden to torture me, so at the first bite this season, I’ll be wrapping poly mesh around my tomato cages, or the whole tomato area of the garden. It is a very inexpensive solution and much easier to deal with than bird netting. For deer barrier for clients, we build pvc cages and wrap them in the mesh and it works great. I haven’t seen many squirrels yet, but perhaps that’s because the tomatoes are still green.:)

  2. Optimista Says:

    You guys are rockin’ tomato socks! There is NOTHING better than homegrown tomatoes. Nothing.

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