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Snacks from the Garden, Day 123 No Grocery Store May 4, 2010

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I’m not much for snacks.  It’s too bad, because it is supposed to be healthier to eat little amounts all day.  I need to change my ways, because I had a crazy blood pressure reading at the Dr. today.  Inherited problem, both of my parents suffer from severe hypertension.  Anyway, I’m going to try to change my diet a bit, and see if it helps.  For breakfast, I had a carmelized onion, egg white omelette.  I cooked the onions off the night before, so all I had to to was toss it together.  I had a very late lunch with my mom at Julio’s, a chicken taco.  I skipped dinner because of the late lunch, but for a late night snack, I came up with this:

Strawberry, Blue, and pecan

It is not a pretty picture.  My camera is still messed up and won’t be fixed.  I just have to get a new one.  But, these little bites were pretty before they all fell over: Garden strawberries, Pure Luck Hopelessly Blue, and pecans from my tree that have been in the freezer.  It was awesome.


2 Responses to “Snacks from the Garden, Day 123 No Grocery Store”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Carla, I recently got the same diagnosis, and have the same inherited factors. Like you I’m changing my diet, dropping salt as much as possible and trying to rely more on vegetables and fruits to eat my way out of a crisis. I’ll be interested to see how it goes for you and would love to see follow up posts about it.

  2. Sorry about that Marc, it sux. No more chorizo salt for me. I’ve been letting work get in the way of taking better care of myself. I’m going to take some time today, hit the farmer’s market, and do some vegetable shopping. I need to get back to exercising more too.

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