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No Grocery Store, Days 119, 120 and 121 May 3, 2010

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Friday through Sunday were crazy busy with garden installations, trips to Natural Gardener for soil, and consultations.  Day 119, Friday, I had strawberries for breakfast from the garden, a Kocurek bacon and lettuce sandwich on Texas French Bread ciabatta.  I’m holding out for my own garden tomatoes.  Family Friday dinner with my folks has resumed and we ate at Eddie V’s.  I had snapper meuneire and broccoli.

Saturday we had 2 garden installations on opposite sides of town.  For breakfast, I had Vital Farms eggs scrambled with Dai Due bulk chorizo and garden onions.    After 5 hours of hard work, nothing sounded more appealing to me than a Hula Hut frozen margarita, sitting on the lake, and chile con queso.   And that was dinner.

Sunday, Day 121, another busy work day, I had Vital Farms eggs scrambled eggs with Dai Due bulk chorizo and garden onions.  I spent the morning trying to sell Earthboxes at the Shady Hollow Farms plant sale.  Then I was invited to have lunch with Christian and Jamie, ( and (  Christian was grilling fajitas so that’s was I had for lunch.  Jamie was game for heading out to Natural Gardener to pick up soil for my job Monday (today) so we did that then headed back to their house where Christian was experimenting with making french fries.  Then later he made one of his fabulous pizzas.  So they fed me amazing food all day, and I was really grateful, because it was a long, and tiring weekend.

If you would like to learn how to make the amazing pizza that Christian is famous for, head on over to his site and register for his upcoming pizza class.   It’s all about the crust, and he has taken years to develop the technique for the perfect crust.  And it is beyond perfect.


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