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Flowers to Food, Garden Update April 21, 2010

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After a long day of installing gardens for others:

Flower Garden, (seeds) but I stuck herbs in too

Next job:

This client is planting tomatoes, peppers, and okra

I finally got to spend a little time watering my own.  I noticed that the Bay Laurel, which produces the edible Bay Leaf, has taken off, after sitting nearly dormant for at least 8 months.  It has sprouted new leaves.

Bay taking off!

The Blackberries are getting bigger every day, and will be a welcomed addition to the strawberries which have taken off.  Sorry for the bad photo.


After taking that photo, I noticed that everything that makes fruit either starts with, or ends with a flower.  The flower either becomes fruit, or the plant, like the onions, flower to propagate.

Tomato flowers, will become tomatoes.

Soon to be tomatoes

Pepper flowers will be peppers, and so it goes.

Soon to be peppers

And tomorrow will surely come, and if all goes well, someone else will be able to grow food and enjoy it as much as I do.

The end of a day, and beginning of another


4 Responses to “Flowers to Food, Garden Update”

  1. I keep checking my Thai chile plant for flowers but none yet. Good news about my mint though: all of my new plants are still alive and growing!

  2. Yay, for the mint! I think peppers are waiting for more heat.

  3. Well these pictures are looking so beautiful .Really these are very nice, looking awesome.specially the flowers garden is looking very nice..!!!!!!!great work!!!!great day!!!

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