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Mid-April in an Austin Urban Garden April 17, 2010

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I hadn’t seen my garden in a couple of days and knew there were strawberries to pick, so first thing this morning I headed out back.  There were lots of strawberries to pick!

Everything else looks amazing, the rain has really made everything happy.

strawberries before picking

Picked strawberries, minus what I ate

The tomatoes are all getting huge and bushy and the cheater plant I bought at Sledd Nursery has 7 or 8 tomatoes on it.

They don't call this Celebrity for nothing!

More tomatoes

It is hard for me to say, as a promoter of raised garden beds, that the tomatoes in my Earthbox are bigger than those in my raised garden.  I also promote and sell Earthboxes, but I’ve never been a bigger fan.

Tomatoes in my EarthboxThe black bean and corn bed is rocking along as well.  The cheater tomato is in there too, where Nandina once mucked up my landscape.  I planted corn from seed, then found some little transplants and got those.  Then after Carol Ann at Boggy Creek Farm told me I planted a couple of weeks late, and to be wary of worms in June, I found a couple of transplants that were further along.  So, I have corn at three levels of growth.

Black Beans and Corn

I found some lemon cucumber plants the other day and planted those.  That sounds good, lemon and cucumber.

lemon cucumber

And the onions continue their slow march toward maturity.  At least the bolting has halted, with the cooler weather.

Onions, shallots and garlic

The herbs on the patio are happy as well.  I just bought more basil with pesto in mind, and some cilantro, with salsa in mind.





4 Responses to “Mid-April in an Austin Urban Garden”

  1. Robin Says:

    I’ve looked everywhere for the lemon cucumbers! Where did you find them? I live in Georgetown and last year I picked up a plant at one of our local nurseries. LOVED THEM! Sad to say, they didn’t get any plants in this year, and I just went online to order seeds and seed companies seem to be out too. Would love to get a plant for this years garden, I’ve thought about them all year. Hook me up with a source please! Your raised beds are steller! Purchased two earth boxes last year and loved them too.
    Thanks, Robin

  2. Sandra Says:

    Your gardens look great. I have been planting seeds which I will use as transplants for my gardens. I would like to pick your brain regarding which seed vendor and vegetable and flower seeds you have used now and in the past that you recommend?

    I believe some of the seeds I have used for my vegetables in my gardens may not have been as bountiful as I like. No rush to reply as I know you are busy.

    Happy Gardening from Sandra

    • Hey Sandra,
      Never too busy to answer a gardening question. I have used for heirloom tomato seeds with luck. I also like Botanical Interests and Renee’s Garden Seeds for vegetables. Lately, I’ve just purchased transplants, because seeds can be so time consuming. I mix my own compost into my soil, amend with worm castings, and fertilize with Ladybug 5-2-4 organic fertilizer. Good luck!

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