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East Austin Farm Tour April 16, 2010

I found my camera!  I’ve been doing my happy camera dance for 2 days.

So, I went on the East Austin Farm Tour, of Boggy Creek, Springdale, Rain Lilly, and Hausbar Farms.  One interesting thing I discovered on this farm tour, was the companion planting of vegetables with flowers.  I know a little about companion planting between vegetables herbs, and other vegetables.  I was so inspired after this tour to plant  flowering plants with my garden, that I got some sunflower plants and put them in the front bed.  I’m not through.

All of the farms had chickens, but not all had roosters, that I could find.  None as handsome as Mr. C0cky, above, for sure.

rows and rows

Perfect rows.  I’m not good at rows, but I don’t have acres planted, so I have no need for a trail between plants.

The food at each of these events was amazing, and all local.  There was a beet and goat cheese slider from Olivia, an all of the broccoli salad on a tostada from Jeffreys,  yummy sausage and marinated vegetables from Dai Due, and lots more deliciousness.

Jeffrey's contribution, broccoli salad

I think Carol Ann and Larry of Boggy Creek are the luckiest folks around. (albeit very hard working).   They get to wake up in this house every morning:

And see this view off their back porch:

Back side of Boggy Creek Farm

For those of  you thinking, darn that tractor is in the way of the view, to me the tractor is one of the best parts of that view.  I’m an aspiring farm girl at heart, and I want it all, the shed, the chickens, the tractor, the home, and the fields of crops.   Some day.


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