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Raised Bed Gardening and Eating Well in Austin, Texas

No Grocery Store, Day 104 April 15, 2010

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For breakfast, I had a handful of garden strawberries and a slice of Kocurek Czech Bacon.  My eat at home lunch plans went awry, and we ended up at Maria’s Taco Village.   That place is really great, and the price is right, and as a bonus, there is room on the side to park if you are pulling a trailer full of soil.  After a late afternoon garden installation, we stopped at the Triangle Farmer’s Market for a little shopping.  Jim, my garden team, was enticed by the Beef Tounge that the Kocurek’s had.  When we got home, we tried it with Kocurek mustard on a slice of homemade rosemary bread, gifted to me by my friend Christian.  It was good, and my pre-conceived notions of tounge were proved wrong.  For dinner, I reheated some Lowell Farms brown rice, and ate it with Taco Deli dona sauce.   An easy comforting meal after an exhausting day.


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