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No Grocery Store, Days 98, and 99 April 11, 2010

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Still more strawberries for breakfast.  They are still producing lots of fruit!  For lunch, I had to be in Lakeway for a client consult, and took mom so she could see some scenery other than the inside of her house.  We stopped at a Mexican food restaurant in Lakeway and it wasn’t very good, so I’ll not name it.  Dinner was a really big salad and some pasta with CKC Cheese Feta in olive oil and Basil.

Day 99, again with the strawberries for breakfast and I’m not complaining!  Friday was a sad day, the funeral of a friend.  Before, we went to Manuels for lunch.  Dinner was with my family at Olivia.  Olivia gets local right.  I had a ribeye from Richardson’s Farms.


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