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Funky Chicken Coop Tour April 4, 2010

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It appears I’m late the game at getting my Funky Chicken Coop Tour post up.  I’ve been working all day playing catch up from the Statesman article frenzy.

Kristi Willis, of and I started the tour at one of my very favorite stores in Austin, Buck Moore Feed and Supply, a host of the tour.  There were informative chicken inspired booths set up there, chicken meetup groups, a portable coop designer and the like.  I am very interested in chickens, so I was excited to see the variety of coops at homes in the Central Austin neighborhoods we visited, mostly Crestview and Brentwood.  We saw some some fancy chicken coops, and some homemade from recycled materials, even one made from an EZ Up Tent.

What I wasn’t expecting, was that most of the hosts on the tour also had gardens.  Some were very interesting so I started taking pictures of gardens, not chicken coops.

decorative, creative gardening design

wheelbarrow garden

garden made of corregated metal

Plastic bin garden

And some other interesting things to see:

Pink Poo Peek-a-Boo

All in all a really fun day.


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