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No Grocery Store, Days 90 and 91 April 3, 2010

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Oopsy, got a day behind again.  Day 90, I had a consultation then a Dr.’s appointment next to Seton, so I hit up the new Paqui Taco trailer on 34th for lunch.  I used to buy their tortillas as Fresh Plus, and they come in flavors like, buttermilk, jalapeno, cilantro and something else.  I had a fried shrimp taco and a philly cheese steak taco, and bought a package of tortillas.  Then I got the the Dr.’s office and weighed in.    Now I wish I had been better on my low carb  diet, and will from now on.  So, dinner was a garden salad, and leftover smoked brisket.

Day 91, still committed to do better, I missed breakfast, had a Kocurek frank and Full Quiver cheddar slice for lunch.  Dinner with the folks was at Shorline Grill, and we split a crabcake and I had arctic char.  Shorline Grill is sustainable seafood restaurant, and they buy their produce locally from Bluebonnet Farms, which is in Hempstead.  That’s much better than Restaurant Depot, but we have so many farms right around here, I’m not sure why they go that far out.  Still, its an effort.  Something was going on in the kitchen, and the service was way off.  But, that’s a Yelp review waiting to happen.


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