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Growing Food is Beautiful April 2, 2010

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I’m really enjoying all of my flowering fruit trees and plants right now, partly because, I know that my fruit deprived diet will soon be bursting with options, but also because the plants that bear fruit produce such lovely flowers, first.  The lime blossoms are beautiful, and soon I’ll have lots of limes.

lime blossoms

one lime so far

The blackberry bushes make pretty flowers, and soon I’ll have at least a couple handfuls of blackberries:

blackberry bloom

And of course, strawberries!  Equally pretty, and I’m getting close to loads of them:

strawberry flowers

strawberries soon!

The lemon tree’s blossoms are nearly indistinguishable from the lime, so I’ll spare you another photo.  I did snap another few pictures while in Steiner Ranch for a consultation this afternoon.  Couldn’t help myself.

Texas Wildflowers


2 Responses to “Growing Food is Beautiful”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Oh, man! So jealous of your impending strawberry load. I’m going to have to hit the farmer’s market for some fresh ones to tide me over until our Sweet Berry Farms tour.

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