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April Planting Guide, Zone 8 Austin March 30, 2010

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Get your garden on!  April is a big planting month.

Crop                                                           Days to Maturity

Beans, bush, pole, lima                      65-75

Beets   (early in month)                      55-65

Cantaloupe                                              80-90

Cauliflower (early in month)            55-60

Corn                                                            80-100

Cucumber                                                 60-65

Eggplant                                                      75-90

Okra                                                               55-60

Peas, southern                                           60-70

Peppers, all                                                 65-80

Sweet Potatoes (after 15th)                  90-150

Radish (early part of month)               25-30

Squash                                                           50-55

Tomato                                                           70-85

Turnip (early part of month)                 45-65

Watermelon                                                   80-90


One Response to “April Planting Guide, Zone 8 Austin”

  1. Caroline Says:

    It’s ON! Woo hoo!

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