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No Grocery Store, Day 86 March 29, 2010

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Up early today, I fired up the smoker, and put in a Richardson Farms brisket purchased a few weeks ago.  I rubbed olive oil all over it, then covered it with a really great seasoning, Butt Rub.  I got it at the BBQ’s Galore Store that no longer exists on 183 where I got the Big Green Egg.  I played with the temperature until it held steadily at 200, then made breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with green onions, hothouse tomatoes, and my brand new Chorizo Salt!  Yum, so good.  And, finally coffee with milk.  I was out of milk for several days, and so happy to have milk again.

I spent most of the afternoon at Seton visiting a friend in the final stages of cancer.  I  wasn’t really hungry for lunch.

Oddly enough, after smelling smoke all day on the patio, and smelling like a smokehouse myself, the last thing I wanted for dinner was the brisket.  So, I pulled out the shrimp I got from San Miguel Seafood at the downtown farmer’s market, snipped some basil, and sauteed the shrimp with olive oil, basil, and tomatoes and served it over pasta from the market as well.  I topped it all off with shaved Brazos Valley Parmesan, made a big salad from my seemingly endless supply of lettuce, and called it a good food day.

I never write down what I drink, but it is either water, or Nile Valley Hibiscus Mint tea from the Farmer’s Market.  I’m addicted to it and drink about a pitcher a day.  I usually have some wine with dinner.


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