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No Grocery Store, Day 85 March 28, 2010

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Wowza, what a fabulous farmer’s market day!  I started downtown with the SFC market, and got milk from Way Back When dairy, cheese from Full Quiver, cheddar and pepper jack, fabulous Grouper and Shrimp from San Miguel Seafood, Artichokes from a vendor with no sign, and  micro arugula from Bella Verdi Farms.  Next I moved on to Sunset Valley SFC Market, and for breakfast, I had a bean and cheese taco from Aunt Nita, (not really in my plan), got some Vital Farms eggs, which people keep telling me about, and Asparagus!  Yes, Asparagus!  I’m stoked, for Coffee from Owl Tree Roasting.    Then, on to Barton Creek, to check it out.  I purchased two heirloom tomato plants I didn’t need from this market, but they will go into the ground tomorrow, chatted with Kelly Jo, from Kelly Jo’s salsa and made the rounds.  There is so much good food out there its is amazing.  I saw Greg from HOPE Market and promised to get by tomorrow, especially to see Retro Bizarro, but my day is getting hectic so I’m not sure I’ll make it.  Missed lunch.  Dinner was amazing Grouper from San Miguel Seafood, sauteed in Elevated Artisinal butter, green garlic, and preserved lemons made by my friend Christian (  He is amazing with food and these were a great addition to fresh seafood.  I also had a salad with lettuce and green onions from my garden, with a dressing made with Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil, Orange and White Balsalmic, and garden thyme, and fresh roasted asparagus from the Sunset Valley market, topped with grated parmesan from Brazos Valley cheese.  I eat so much better when I have an hour to make dinner.

Some restaurant news, I learned that La Condesa is very committed to sourcing as much locally as they can, which I had wondered about, since Chef Renee participates with SFC a lot.  And Garrido’s gets their seafood from San Miguel.  All good to know.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 85”

  1. Cedarparkgardner Says:

    Hey Carla,
    we just got a farmers market started here in cedar park. Last saturday was the 1st. It was small but, very well attended. Pass the word. If any of your friends or vendors would be interested, it’s a lot of fun & a great opportunity.
    Here’s the Facebook page of the very nice woman who is organizing things.

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