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No Grocery Store, Days 81 and 82 March 24, 2010

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I’ve gotten behind again.  Spring is a busy time for Austin Urban Gardens.  And I have the tennis elbow to prove it.  Why does something always  hurt?  I guess that’s just my old age.

So, Day 81, I had a breakfast casserole/hash thingy I made the night before with Kocurek chicken sausage, the rest of the anaheim peppers from the market, and some spring onions from Springdale Farms, with salsa from Kelly Jo’s from the Truck Farm market.  Lunch in the car racing to job way North, was 2 Thunderheart bison jerkys.  When I eat protein for breakfast, I’m really still full at lunch.  Dinner was leftover chicken, Lowell Farm’s white jasmine rice (I’m out of brown), garden broccoli, and a small garden salad.  I’m getting tired of lettuce, but don’t want to waste it!

Day 82, today, I had more breakfast casserole/hash thingy – so easy to just heat, eat and run.  I took my employee to lunch on the way to an installation job, at Cipollina on West Lynn.  My lunch was Ceasar salad with Amador Farms lettuce, and Dewberry Farms Chicken.  I suspect the parmesan was from Brazos Valley, because they get lots of cheese from there, but I failed to ask.   This place does one of the most complete local sourcing jobs of most of the restaurants in town.  And their food has greatly improved from this move.    Love.  Dinner was a BLTS, (bacon, lettuce, tomato salad) with garden lettuce, Kocurek bacon, market hothouse tomatoes, grated Full Quiver cheddar, and Kelly Jo’s cilantro dressing.  I finally made it to the Triangle in time to buy food today.  I’ve missed the market a few times due to garden work.  I came home with Kocurek bacon, crawfish boudin, and potted lamb.  They will have lamb rillettes that I tasted tonight at the downtown market.  Seriously good.  I got some Thunderheart steaks and jerky, and some Elevated Artisinal feta.

I’m sure those of you that read my no grocery store posts, have noticed that my food is mundanely simple.  It doesn’t have to be, I’m just overly busy right now and too tired to be creative with food after a long day of physical labor.  I want to make more interesting food with what I have available, I’m just not inspired to cook much after shoveling soil for hours.  I’m bored too, so I need to try to be better about cooking and creating good food.  I ordered some Chorizo Salt, Truffle Salt, and more Lowell Farms Brown Jasmine Rice today.  Looking forward to all of the above.

Sweet, I’m caught up.  I hope it doesn’t hail with the storm on its way, because my garden  is fully planted with tender vegetable transplants, and I’m tired.  Fingers crossed.  I need to go check the weather.  Yikes, its already here!


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