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The 78th No Grocery Store Day, Rachael Ray, and FINO March 21, 2010

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Day 78, started with a bang of thunder then a bunch of soothing rain.  I wanted to stay in bed and snooze the morning away, but I was out of coffee and the Kocurek’s were advertising Franks, as part of their farmer’s market offering.  So I got up, and out, got coffee and franks, and headed for Stubb’s for the Rachael Ray Party.  I was the grateful recipient of a press pass, so despite being horrified at the line that surrounded the building and went all the way to I-35, I was able to cruise right in.  I know!  So not fair.  It pays to be friends with amazing photographers.  So the venue was packed, and getting packter.  I know that isn’t a word, and the squiggly red line under it makes me want to leave it alone.  ( Take that WordPress!)  Wow, red line under WordPress.  That’s messed up.  Anyhoo, we staked out our ground outside, as inside was nutso, and listened to some great music right off the bat.  Bloody Mary’s were free, by the by, so I had myself a couple.  The line for food was outrageous.  We finally got in it and snagged some veggie tortilla thing, chicken quesadillas and a pork slider.  Not hateful fare for the crowd size and venue.

Matthew M. obviously having a thought

Perky in Person, too! She had fun

I left early to go take care of business issues, then rejoined my friend Kristi at FINO for dinner.  I went camera happy.  I’ll try to spare you all the photo frenzy.

We decided on some starters then to split an entree.  For starters we had the fried olives, fried oysters, pork pinchetas, and something else that escapes me, but I’ll make up for it, swear.  The chef also sent out an amazing tuna ceviche in a spoon.    We decided to split the spinach salad and the flatiron steak with mushrooms.  Amazing on both.  The salad came with a perfect poached egg.  The beef was perfect.  We were sitting at the bar, so I started taking pictures of everyone’s food.  All of their reports were quite positive.

FINO Paella

My dinner plate at FINO. Beef


2 Responses to “The 78th No Grocery Store Day, Rachael Ray, and FINO”

  1. Bill Hines Says:

    That Mussel & egg cornucopia looked amazing!
    You are a lucky girl with the press pass. Hope blogging fame & perks don’t go to your head. Just kidding. I am jealous. Thanks for sharing. I am loving the vicarious details.

  2. Hey Bill, I didn’t get a caption on that, mussel dish, but that was paella, ordered by the folks sitting next to me. I took pictures of everyone’s food. Maybe I should do a FINO post. And believe me, there is no ego in being a “plus one” of a guest of an invited guest to an event. It did rock that we didn’t have to wait in line though. 🙂

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