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No Grocery Store Challenge, Days 76 and 77, and Freeze Warning March 20, 2010

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The thunder acted as both alarm and snooze button this morning.  It woke me up, and the rain gave me license to go back to sleep, until the next thunder boom.  This is a nice way to start a Saturday, after a really hectic and stressful week.

Day 76 was Thursday.  For breakfast, I had a little tangerine juice, which I had frozen when they were in season and defrosted.  So good.  Lunch on the run was 2 Thunderheart bison jerky sticks.  Slow Food Happy Hour was that evening at Wink, an as usual, we ordered food.  Wink, why not?  I split some mac and cheese, the slider plate, and cheese plate with some folks.  All amazing.

Day 77, yesterday, did not eat breakfast.  I had a huge lunch at Cafe Josie with my mom, then out running errands, stopped by Antonelli’s Cheese Shop to get some Brazos Valley Parmesan and Veldhuizen chedder.  They also gifted me an amazing goat cheese being made by some family in Houston.  They aren’t selling it yet, but are considering it.  As the shop became busy, I got caught up in the hustle and bustle and the distribution of cheeses for tastings.  I had already made my cheese and wine purchase, but that’s just how the Antonelli’s.  Here, taste this one.  Ooohhh and Carla, try these amazing olives.  By the time I left, I was stuffed.  I bought an amazing wine, too, the Carina Cellars Clairvoyant.  It was really outstanding.

Today, Day 78, I have no plan for food.  I have a pass to the Rachel Ray event at Stubb’s and I have no idea what that includes.

I have missed several farmer’s markets in the last week and it is raining now, so I don’t know if the downtown market is in my plans before the Stubb’s event.   I’m out of coffee and milk, so things could get interesting if I don’t make it!

Gardener’s, if your tomatoes are in the ground, I recommend giving them some shelter from the cold for the next 2 nights.  Just to be safe.


One Response to “No Grocery Store Challenge, Days 76 and 77, and Freeze Warning”

  1. Bill Hines Says:

    You are a very busy girl. Thanks for the heads up. Just finished covering my garden. It’s cold & windy out there.

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