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No Grocery Store, Days 72 and 73 March 16, 2010

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Once again, I’m behind on my food posts.  Partially because I have failed at my promises to eat at home more.  SXSW has taken over my world.  Fortunately, I have been able to sneak some local food into my diet.  Day 72 was Sunday.  I had migas for breakfast,  1 scrambled duck egg, (Countryside Farms) with some of the anaheim pepper I got from the Triangle market, a hothouse tomato from the Truck Farm market, and some Brazos Valley cheddar from Antonelli’s Cheese shop.  I worked outside planting my garden until time for the Cafe Josie 13th Birthday party celebration, where I knoshed on some of my favorite food in town, prepared by a chef I now call friend, Charles Mayes.  Fried calamari, couscous cake, pasta salad and mac and cheese.  Sunday night, I planned to eat in, but had plans to meet friends for drinks at The Grove.  They planned to eat dinner, so I ordered the chopped salad.

Day 73, yesterday, I missed breakfast, for lunch, I started tackling all that lettuce I harvested on Saturday morning, and had a big salad of lettuce, home cured bacon a friend makes for me using Richardson Farms pork, hothouse tomatoes from the Truck Farm Market, some Full Quiver gouda, and Kelly Jo’s cilantro salsa for dressing.  That sounds strange, but it rocks.  It is a creamy, spicy salsa and is perfect for salad dressing for me.

I had a Blogger Bash event in the evening at Cedar Door, and had some snacks there. (and took some goofy pictures)

Then we went to the SXSW Plutopia event, mostly to support Edible Austin, my favorite publication, and I was so happy to see Dai Due there, and ordered a Chaurice sandwich for dinner.  Yay for an amazing chef who cooks great food from all local ingredients.  So, I didn’t to that badly, but I’m ready to get off the party wagon and eat at home more.  I need to do a “Eat Everything in your Fridge” Challenge soon.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Days 72 and 73”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Cute photo! So sorry that I missed the fun.

  2. I’m sorry you missed it too. Saw that you were working like a mad woman. Hope you got it all done so you can have some fun!

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