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Yay, Spring Garden Underway March 14, 2010

This is the time of year I spend so much time getting gardens in for customers, I barely have time for my own.  This morning I took the time to get some stuff done.  First on the list, making way for the peppers.  I had to harvest a boatload of lettuce.

Boatload of Lettuce

I had already worked on and amended part of the garden, but now had to amend the space taken up by lettuce all fall and winter.  I turned the soil, dumped in some worm castings, Actinoiron, Hill County Soil, Ladybug general fertilizer, and Sylvan compost and mixed it all together as if I was making a mudcake.  Next I planted the peppers, a bell, 2 serrano del sols, and a jalapeno.


Next in were the tomatoes.  A Mortgage Lifter, a Celebrity or two, two Chocolate Cherries, a Black Krim, a Yellow Brandywine, a Cherokee Purple, and a a Striped German.  The Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, and Striped German are new varieties to me.

Tomatoes in the big raised bed

I weeded the Watermelon Radishes, which still need a couple more weeks.

Watermelon radishes, almost done

Tossed some Ladybug fertilizer on the strawberries, which are looking good, putting on new leaves and starting to set fruit.

Strawberry patch

strawberry flower

Weeded the smaller bed, half filled with lettuce and radishes, and ready to receive more plants.

Smaller garden

Next I watered the whole lot with rainwater.

Then went around to the side gardens, and said howdy to the onions, garlic, and shallots.

onions, garlic, shallots

Next, I poked around at the taters growing in their bags.

potatoes sprouting in grow bags

Planted some basil and thyme in a pot.  There is never enough thyme!

Sweet basil

Not enough thyme!!

Then I watered and pondered my next garden moves.  I think this will suffice for this lovely Sunday.


6 Responses to “Yay, Spring Garden Underway”

  1. Kurt Mitschke Says:

    I noticed you selection in peppers, good choices. I know that you may be limited in space, but if you like a good sweet pepper to cook with, try a banana pepper–one of my favorites!

  2. Bill Hines Says:

    does your back ever hurt from leaning over the bed to plant in the middle? Mine does. Got all my peppers in today. Keep up the good work.


  3. Hey Bill, My back hurts from “stooping” on occasion, but not today. I had already walked 4 miles when I started working in the garden, so I was warmed up. I was so thankful for a couple of free hours to garden! I still have a bum knee from a year of Extreme Boot Camp and apparently now I have tennis elbow from screwing end brackets onto garden timbers. Something always seems to hurt. Sucks being 147 years old. I really need to get the knee fixed. I can’t wait for peppers! Last year I had a bumper crop, but really late in the summer after all the rain.

  4. Optimista Says:

    “Never enough thyme”…LOVE it.

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