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Why You Need a Raised Garden in Austin March 14, 2010

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One of the reasons I got into the raised garden business in Austin, is because I had, over the years, in my central Austin home, attempted to grow food in the ground, to no avail.  My soil is the most inhospitable soil I thought I’d ever see.  I was wrong about that but that’s another paragraph.  In much of Austin, and certainly Central Austin, we have black clay.  It is hard to dig in, hard for roots to grow into, and doesn’t drain well.  So I resorted to pots.  I had pots lining every sunny spot on my driveway, in my back yard and on my patio.  Pots are a hassle, but with good soil,  you can actually grow food.  I was a highly sucessful vegetable pot farmer.  That statement, is probably how a reader doing a Google search, found my blog by searching “my pot plant froze.”  I don’t grow pot.   And I don’t know if it freezes.

The problem with trying to plant a full on farm in pots, is the dragging them back and forth in and out of freezing weather, and the watering factor.  Pots must be watered often, because they just don’t have that much soil.

A raised bed, is the perfect solution for Austin’s clay soil, rocky soil and otherwise non-nutritious soil.  With a raised bed, you control the soil, the amendments, (I’m a serial soil amender) and there is room for proper drainage.  It just all works out with a raised bed.  So, this is not a sales pitch, if you want to make one from wood, I have a source for that, just holler.  I like ours, because they are easy and last a long time, but if you are a wood purist, and want wood, just shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

Either way, just don’t procrastinate getting your garden started.  You will be deeply satisfied, working in the dirt, and rewarded greatly for having done so.  I dare anyone not to become addicted to growing food.

If you feel an entire garden is too big a leap, consider and Earthbox.  Self watering, and on casters for easy rolling in and out of bad weather.  I’ve got those too, and a display onsite to monitor its sucess.  I’ll be unhappy if it does better than the mass of gardens I have on site.

Grow something soon!  It rocks.


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