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No Grocery Store, Days 70 and 71 March 14, 2010

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Attending an all day  SXSWi panel on how to be a better blogger, has left be behind on this blog.  Funny how life’s little ironies creep in, no?  I’m also behind in eating in, but I’ve got more home cooking planned, starting today.

So, Friday (day 70) was a glorious day.  In spite of the loads of lettuce that needs to be harvested and eaten in my garden, I wanted to take mom to lunch and sit outside and enjoy the onslought of Spring.  The moms isn’t really a trailer type gal, so we opted for Ranch 616, which is just around the corner from where she was getting her hair did.  Ranch 616 has some the the tasties burgers around, and diet be damned, we bothe got on and split the fries and onion rings.  The onion rings, also come with fried jalapeno slices, for which I’m a total sucker.  Love those things.

After lunch, I had a sandbox installation consultation and a garden consult.  Both will be difficult jobs, as one is on a hill the other on the side of a cliff.  Yikes.  Stressed from my afternoon consultation work, I picked mom up again to go shopping.  We didn’t make it further than Hula Hut, for more sun, some margaritas and, yes, queso.  As if the burger wasn’t enough we ate queso too.  Good grief, and we had dinner plans for family night.  McCormick and Schmick and we were to full to enjoy it at all.

So day 71, yesterday, I made an eggwhite omelette for breakfast, headed out to Big Red Sun, which is closing.  Another lovely garden store shutting down to reinvent.  Sad.  Then on to #Techmunch, a food bloggers conference at Parkside.  It was very interesting, and I got to see lots of friends, and make new ones.  I learned a lot too.  They fed us snacks, cheese and fruit, mid-day, then more food afterward.  There was sliced New York Strip, a salmon belly spoon, a potato skewer, and some roasted cauliflower, which actually almost made me like cauliflower.

I will be gardening for the next two hours and promise to get a garden post up today.  Swear.


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