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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 66 March 9, 2010

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I’m so ready for a change in the weather.  I need sun to maintain any kind of mood that allows me to be around others.

For breakfast, I had some eggs and Kocurek Farmer’s sausage, in a scramble with peppers and onions.  I made this the night before, in an attempt to be better about eating breakfast.  I know I’m supposed to, but I really just don’t want food in the morning.

Since I can’t work outside in this weather, I chose to day for “take mom to lunch” day this week.  I always try to get her out of the house several times a week, since she no longer drives.  I so enjoyed the quesadillas prepared by Kerbey Lane using local incredients, at the HOPE Market a couple of weeks ago, so we headed over to the original on Kerbey Lane.  I’ll be writing a Yelp review about this meal, and not in a good way.  The service was horrible, and I couldn’t wait to get out.  I had chicken enchiladas and I want those calories back.

Dinner was leftover Lowell brown rice and the other pork chop from Sunday night.    Still warm and comforting, and all I had to do was heat it up.


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