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Earthbox, Garden Solution March 9, 2010

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We added the Earthbox to our inventory last year and had some, but not a huge amount of interest.  This year, they have taken off like wildfire, we can barely keep them in stock.  Due in part to Cecilia Nasti’s (@foodgardener) radio show Growing Concerns and her interview with Kristi Willis, (@austinfarm2tbl) a local food blogger who writes

The interview is here:

The Earthbox is a self watering container for gardening.  It holds a good amount of water in a reservoir at the bottom, and self waters from the bottom up, so that you don’t have to water nearly as often.  And, its on casters, so it can easily be rolled in and out of bad weather.  I have raised gardens all over my property, and don’t need an Earthbox, but have decided to give one a try and join in on all the fun.  And I wanted to have some instructional information available as well.

In the mean time, I’ve had to order more inventory to keep up with demand.  No complaints here.

UPDATE:  Earthbox is planted.  Took just a few minutes.

Earthbox before planting

Inside has planting guide

Casters just snap in


Watering tube fills self watering reservoir

Add layer of dolomite

top with soil, add fertilizer, plant and water into tube

Once the reservoir was full, as indicated by water coming out the overflow at the bottom, I watered from the top as well.  These come with covers, but I find them cumbersome and unnecessary and don’t use them.  I planted a chocolate cherry tomato plant, a jalapeno pepper plant, and a Celebrity tomato.  The whole deal took less than 20 minutes.


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