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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 64 March 7, 2010

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My get up and go, must have left without me today.  I wonder if it took my car.  I’m not very motivated to do anything I need to do.  The weather is gloomy, and I have flats of tomatoes and other transplants that are ready to go into the ground.

Unexpected relatives in town this morning, derailed my plans for the day.  For early breakfast, I made scrambled duck eggs with green onions and half of an aneheim pepper from the market.  Mom and my aunt and I headed off to the farmer’s market downtown, with dinner in mind.  We picked up some ribeyes and New York Strips from Fredericksburg Farms, mushrooms from Country Pride, cheese from Full Quiver, lettuce and basil from Bella Verdi, and the new basil olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch.  I also got some pasta and pesto from the pasta folks for later.

For lunch, the guys wanted sandwiches, and we didn’t have any fixins.  So we went to Sweetish Hill for sandwiches and we ladies got salads.

I grilled the steaks for dinner, attempting to cook them over a low heat on my dad’s gas grill.  The instruction for grass fed beef, is always low and slow.  I must say, I have way better luck with Thunderheart Bison and Richardson Farms beef.  These didn’t turn out very well, and were tough.  I don’t know if that was my fault or the beef.  I sauteed the mushrooms in local butter and Texas Olive Ranch Basalmic.  We had salad and I used the Kelly Jo’s cilantro salsa as dressing on mine.   I’m addicted that stuff and am running low.  It will be a long week, until I can get some more on Thursday.


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