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Getting the Garden Ready for Spring March 7, 2010

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I have tons of heirloom tomato transplants, and some Celebrities ready for planting, as well as some peppers and herbs.  I’m only about half way through getting the garden ready.  The Watermelon radishes I thought would be ready by now are nowhere near.  Note to self, read the seed packet, it says 65 days, not 35.  So, I’m turning and amending the soil around the radishes in preparation for tomatoes.   I also need to harvest the remainder of the lettuce in the large garden, so that I can work on that soil and make room for my transplants.   I’ve amended it with worm castings, compost, and Ladybug fertilizer, which I also used on the strawberries.  I’m really in need of a big strawberry crop this Spring, as I’ve been almost without fruit in my diet for a while.  I want a bountiful tomato harvest as well, because I love fresh heirloom tomatoes.

I have Sylvan compost in the car, as well as Actinoiron, which will also amend the soil, if I can get the energy today to go out and do that.


2 Responses to “Getting the Garden Ready for Spring”

  1. Sandra Says:

    You are not the only one have a slow start with radishes. I planted mine in mid December and they are just now looking as though they may have a bulb on them. I picked up some tomato plants at the Sunshine Gardens plant sale and heard from a co-worker, she enjoys the Celebrity tomatoes. I will need to pick one up.

    Happy Gardening.

  2. carla Says:

    Hey Sandra,
    I have had great luck with the Celebrity tomatoes. They should be widely available. I know that JJ at Shady Hollow Farms has a supply. I simply failed to read the package on the Watermelon Radishes, which clearly says 65 days. Most radishes take 35 or less, so it was my error on this variety. It is messing up my garden plan, as I thought when I planted those seeds, they would be gone by now. I’m going to have to put in another garden or Earthbox, or something for all these tomato transplants!

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