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Where Am I? Days 59, 60 and 61 NGSC March 3, 2010

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I think I’ve lost a post somewhere.  I was pretty sure I did Monday, but now its Wednesday.  Old age, and lack of sleep takes its toll, I guess.

So, Day 59, which should have been Monday.  I honestly don’t remember breakfast, except that I ran out of milk on Sunday, and forgot to defrost the frozen Way Back When milk in the freezer.  So I had black coffee.  I wasn’t able to get coffee at the Pearl Brewery Market, so after the HOPE Market on Sunday, I headed a block away to Progress Coffee and picked up a pound of their organic, locally ground coffee.  Coffee doesn’t grow here, so I do what I can to get organic, and locally ground.  There are lots of these options.

Lunch was leftover tilapia from the Pearl Market and Lowell brown rice from the night before.  For dinner, I put two Thunderheart filets in the smoker on high.  This method imparts a smoky flavor, without cooking at too high a temperature, as the grill might (on my watch).  Bison is very lean, and needs a bit of special attention to be its most tender, but really is easy.    I crumbled a bit of Hoplessley Blue from Pure Luck on the bison.  I apologize that I cannot remember the vegetable that accompanied it at this point.

Yesterday, election day, I was up at 5a.m. and at the polls by 5:45.  The procedure by which elections are now conducted, is a very complicated crazy mess, in my opinion.  Keep in mind, that I’ve been working elections since paper ballots, when the only thing to be done was hand out the ballots, and take the ballot box to the County Clerk once the election was over.  Now, there are voting booths to be assembled and connected to computers by daisy chains, seals to be broken, collected and verified against a master seal list, which then goes in a specifically numbered and colored bag, computers to be connected to scanners, and number issuers, and reports to be run and at then end of the night, there are pages of instructions to follow and equipment to return to the other side of town.  I worked from 5:45 a.m until 10:15 and got home around 10:40.    Technology doesn’t necessarily mean simplicity.  So for food, I had a turkey sandwich from across the street of my polling station, at Food Food, and some tea.  Dinner was some leftover smoked filet, all by itself, too late to eat much at all.

Day 61, today, I woke up still completely worn out and resigned to nothing.  I did make some grapefruit juice from the last of the grapefruits from the downtown market.  (I actually dreamed of luscious, dark reddish, orange sweet grapefruit, last night, which is really odd, because I rarely dream about food.)  My milk was more defrosted, so I scooped some milk slush from the container to lighten up the coffee from Progress, which is great!  I hadn’t seen my mom in a couple of days, so I picked her up for lunch at 34th Street Cafe, where I’m not proud to say that I had a hamburger and fries.  I know that 34th Street has sourced locally at some point, but I’m not sure if they still are.  Tiredness and resolve do not make good partners.

At the Triangle Market, I picked up some different things than I normally do.  I got some ground pork and pork chops from Richardson’s Farms.  There was a new vendor there, with hydroponic Aneheim Peppers, woot!  I was so excited to see peppers in early March, I’m sure I bought too many.    Dinner was more leftover bison, salad with Texas Olive Oil and Pomegranate Vinegar, and a Ponegranate Vinegar, butter, carrot saute.

I think that catches me up.  I’ll do my best to stay after it.  I need to get back on track with sleep and planning food.  Somewhere in that time period, I ate 2 pieces of Thunderheart bison jerky, I just don’t remember when.

I’m looking forward to some sleep which will help this fog to lift, so that I can get back to normal.  I’m so happy to have fresh peppers, I could just…fall asleep and dream of recipes for all my new great market food stuff.

Since I’ve been so remiss in posting for a couple of days, here are some recent stories, written by others about me:


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