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No Grocery Store Challenge, Day 56 February 27, 2010

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Foodwise, I ate out all day.  Cafe Josie, for lunch with a friend.  MMM Pepita Redfish.  I had Friday night dinner with my parents at Jaspers and had a ribeye.  All good.  The redfish was Gulf caught, as far as I know.

I want to express my thankful appreciation for all of you who read this blog, or keep up with my challenge in person.  I’ve been overwhelmed at the support I’ve received, the help with recipes, the suggestions and overall cheerleading.  I’ve even gotten letters offering support and suggestions for different farmer’s markets etc.

This challenge was always meant to be a personal goal, that I’d keep track of with  this blog.  I am truly touched with the response and attention it has garnered.

I’m headed to San Antonio this morning (Day 57) for a tour and shopping at the Pearl Farmer’s Market with a group of food bloggers.  I should have some new and interesting things to report (and eat!) for tomorrow’s post.  And, I promise to get a gardening post in as well.  My garden need some attention.


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