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March Planting Guide, Zone 8, Austin February 22, 2010

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Spring is getting closer, and its time to start planning.  Here is a planting guide for March, which hopefully will provide a little guidance.  It helps me to look at it, to see how long things will take to mature, so I can organize my growing space accordingly.  Right now, I’m starting to pull up mature winter crops, amend the soil with compost and worm castings and turn the soil to loosed it up.  Most of the herbs can be planted in March, just protect them from any late freezes.  I keep my herbs in pots so that they don’t take over the garden, which most of them like to do.  Basil tends to like it a bit warmer.

Plant                         Planting dates                         Days to Maturity

Asparagus               through 3/15                          2nd season

Beets                          through 4/1                             55-65

Broccoli                    through 3/15                          60-80

Cabbage                    through 3/15                          65-80

Cantaloupe              after 3/25                                 80-90

Carrots                      through 3/20                         70-80

Cauliflower              3/1 – 4/1                                    55-60

Collard                      through 3/20                          55-70

Corn                           after 3/15                                  80-100

Kale                            through 3/10                          50-70

Mustard                    through 4/1                             40-50

Onions                       through 3/15                           100-120

Radish                       through 4/1                              25-30

Spinach                    through 3/15                            40-45

Tomatoes                after 3/25                                   70-85

Turnip                       through 4/1                               45-65


2 Responses to “March Planting Guide, Zone 8, Austin”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Yay, there’s still time for another broccoli crop!

  2. I love fresh garden broccoli.

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